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As office environments continue their ongoing metamorphosis from sterile and impersonal to inspired and wellness focused community spaces, a trend has emerged that everyone near unanimously agrees is a good thing sustainable design. At its roots, sustainable design is the integration of recycled, sustainably sourced, and green building materials into a space It puts an emphasis on technology driven energy efficiency, environmental conservation, and ecological compliance in order to establish a more harmonious relationship between nature and our buildings. When you take this concept indoors you get something entirely new called environmental wellness. Environmental wellness design isn’t necessarily new. Nevertheless, the design trend continues to evolve and mature exponentially as it grows and diversifies in new and exciting ways. Sustainable design in its current form now has a whole spectrum of certifications in place to focus on the investment in our building’s performance as well as employee well being. These include LEED, WELL Building Standard, FitWel and the Living Building Challenge, which are all meant to create a positive impact on the occupants and natural systems that interact with buildings. What we’re witnessing now is the fully realised dream of wellness and environmental design.





Creative Director

Arthur Toth

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