Soveja Cabin Retreat

It’s impossible to not notice, in fact, how much the popularity of tiny cabins in the nature is rising in the last few months.Remote cabins in wild landscapes are a big trend in architectural design and one of the industries where we are seeing the most interesting changes and innovations now. Prefab cabins, in fact, may be a smart solution for housing issues, but also for other living activities that changed a lot because of the pandemic, such as for example smart working or new kind of tourism. When the pandemic started, we researched and discussed a lot about how the future of living is changing because of corona virus and the future interior trends in a post-pandemic world. We are still living in a very insecure moment and for sure the small living is still a big trend, but it is changing. In fact, spending a whole quarantine inside a very tiny space is for sure not such a pleasant experience, that’s why many people started to dream of living in a tiny home but always surrounded by nature. Tiny cabin design is for sure one of those rising industries because of the pandemic, a cross-sectoral trend which found application in some of the most contemporary lifestyle trends, such as for example smart-working and glamping. Let’s have a tour into some beautiful tiny houses design around the world to explore the small living trend in 2021.




Soveja, Romania

Creative Director

Arthur Toth

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