Large Residential Development

Collective housing, which includes co-housing, has come of age. Not to be confused with old-style communes, modern collective housing developments can include purpose-built, sustainably designed multi-unit projects with shared amenities, such as outdoor living areas and laundries, and spaces that can be booked for large gatherings. They are designed to be intergenerational, which is a large part of their appeal – residents enjoy belonging to a community. Older people appreciate having the opportunity to help out young families, who in turn value their experience. And all residents benefit from reduced living costs. Part of the responsibility for analyzing contemporary housing is related to our ability to foresee how the collective habitat will evolve in the future. It is important to identify how we can incorporate quality conditions and balances in the hierarchies of use to the new residential figurations that we can recognize in current experiences.

Developed in collaboration/with BL STUDIO ASSOCIATES design office.




Bucharest, Romania

Creative Director

Arthur Toth

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