Banking Drive-in

We present you the BT CASH DIVE a drive in bank that allows contactless, facile, faster and safer ATM interactions. It is available at ANYTIME Bank drive-ins makes the payment experience fast and easy for a cardholder, is the easiest way to check out of an ATM in seconds, without getting in contact with any people. While this drive in bank might be one of BT’s smaller locations, you would never be able to tell based on the design. Also, it has the great advantage of being modular, mobile (it can be disassembled and reassembled in another location) It feels airy and open. The drive in bank can be installed in any vacant place such as parking lots, alveoli on the highway and so on, its designs being completely independent of the surroundings. All you need is a lane. Additionally, for this location, the design includes 3 Automated machines, an ATM, a Recycler and a RCD, with easily accessible from the car lane, as well as an 24 h BANK area inside the pavilion, equipped with an ATM, a Recycler and a BT Express This layout is looking forward to streamline efficiency and effectiveness. Cash recyclers are an excellent product to solve this issue. They allow tellers to focus on things like speeding up transactions in the drive thru lane and it puts less emphasis on activities that can easily be streamlined. Rethinking customization to customer-ization, it is not so much customizing it but completing the customer experience throughout all channels. We want to extend the experience not just customize it. We want to ensure that the experience the customer has when using the self service ATM is the same experience they have with the mobile device and the same quality experience on any aspect of the transaction. But the greatest tool this design brings to its clients is its flexibility such as self service options, retrofitting ATMs, and total redesigns to implement technology in with the hardware. Just because the market is not demanding a certain technology yet, is no reason to say it could not imagine one. Inside the branches today, ATMs have tools that add a level of personalization that allows a customer to complete most transactions with the bank, without ever needing to speak with a branch employee.

Developed in collaboration/with BL STUDIO ASSOCIATES design office.




Bucharest, Romania

Creative Director

Arthur Toth

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